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  1. 19 (CF765 how big is a roll of this?

    1. It is 20″inches wide by 6.5 feet long, but if you order more than one roll it will be continuous roll. Thanks

  2. I am just getting started with dipping and would love some information on what I need to get a good start

    1. Hi feel free to give us a call with any questions, but a dip kit is the perfect way to start, it includes everything you need to start except for a container to dip in. Thanks 864-224-8856

  3. Hi, I’m on my seventh attempt to get the film to stick evenly to an item using your film, activator and base coat.
    I’ve read the instructions carefully and looks at tons of videos. My water is the right temp, the base coat (white) is dry, the activator has been applied like you said to, the film is sticky-side-down. But the film sticks to the item (plastic Breyer horse, it’s for practice because it’s small and has contours) in patches and most of it washes right off in a gentle rinse.
    Second and third coats of base coat don’t help. Days and days of drying time don’t help. Varying amounts of activator doesn’t help. The film is not spreading because the container is the same size as the film.
    I’m almost out of product and have yet to see a successful application.
    My goal is to dip my motorcycle, and I’ve done a lot of paint and bodywork before on metal and plastic. But I can’t get this dip thing right. It looks fantastic while it’s still in the water but when I shake the globs loose and pull it up, it falls off in patches and then the rest mostly comes off in the rinse. The white base coat becomes tacky and sticky and comes off too.
    Please help me figure out what I’m doing wrong before I run out of product.

    1. Please give me your phone number and I will call you tomorrow. Thanks

  4. Greetings,
    Having previously ordered from your company,
    it is time to reorder.
    I am interested in ordering your $99.00 kit with one of several different types of camo pattern film. But, I have questions.
    Could I get your phone number that I might call you to help me decide on the different choices you offer.
    Thank you,
    Kim Williams

    1. Hi you can give us a call at 864-224-8856 Thanks

  5. Okay I received my order. The whole reason I ordered from you was because you had the hades but more importantly the 100cm see no evil. I need the 100cm see no evil. Is there a way to take care of this matter? I figured that is what I was getting. When I checked the website. Sorry I was just disappointed when I got the 50cm and it will not work. Your site doesn’t give you an option like on the dipdemon site but I figured I was getting the 100cm since that was the option under the description.

    1. Everything on the Dip Wizard site is 20 inches wide or 50 cm wide. On Dip Demon, yes, we give the option to get either one. But that is only on some films. Not all are offered like that. Like the See No Evil, that comes to us in 50 cm width. I do not have that in 100 cm. Hades, we do. If you go to, go to hydrographic film, and at the bottom you will see “films in full meter.” Those are the ones we offer in 100 cm width. I’m very sorry for the confusion. Next time please feel free to call us. We are here to help. On this site though, you get 6 1/2 ft of film versus on the Dip Demon site, you get 3.2 ft of film.

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